'And I rather thought we might have the delphiniums over there.'




Lady Penelope studied the new gardeners curiously. An odd pair, to be sure. Their rustic dialect was well-nigh impenetrable. Yet there was something about them. An earthy quality. And they were twins. She liked twins.

'I'll show you where the potting shed is, shall I?'


'Yes, in 1923,' she agreed vaguely.

As she walked ahead of them down the path she was aware of the pair of them watching her. She had always been self-conscious about her walk - she moved with a rather spasmodic jerking motion that no finishing school had been able to do anything with. They moved much more idiotically, however.

It was cool and dark in the shed. 'All right, big boys,' she drawled, gesturing with her cigarette holder, 'let's see what you've got.'


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