BRIAN-K: So then Jerry pulled down the ironing board and Tom ran into it and he had an ironing board shape in him

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Did he? Did he, by God?

BRIAN-K: And then he's still chasing after and Jerry puts the roller skate in front of him and he goes down the cellar steps

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: I would give much to have seen that

BRIAN-K: So then they're in the garden and Tom's chasing after so Jerry kicks Spike in the backside and he thinks Tom did it

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Positively Machiavellian!

BRIAN-K: And Jerry has the pie and the cook comes home and bashes Tom

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Ah, the eternal struggle for existence

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Nature, red in tooth and claw, pitting its creations against each other in a merciless battle for supremacy where only the strongest survive and the weak go to the wall

BRIAN-K: ;) lol I guess you could look at it like that

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: I do, Brian, I do

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: A war without end

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Jerry is a creature of exquisitely Nietzschean amorality, is he not?

BRIAN-K: I like when he disappears into the mousehole and Tom slams his head against the wall

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: So do I, Brian, so do I

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: It seems we are kindred spirits

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: How do you feel about fascism, Brian?

BRIAN-K: Excuse me?

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: It's a fairly straightforward question. Do you feel that Jerry should have the right to steal the pie by virtue of his superior cunning and intellect, or should the shackles of a slave mentality force him to return it?

BRIAN-K: Well if I was Jerry I wouldn't give it back


RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: And how far would you be prepared to go to bring that sort of world about?

BRIAN-K: I'm not sure what you mean

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: Oh I think you are

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: We have a little group that meets on Thursdays, if you're interested

BRIAN-K: To talk about Tom and Jerry?

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: No, Brian, to plot a new dispensation of heaven and earth

BRIAN-K: I have darts on Thursdays

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: I see. No spine.

BRIAN-K: I just like Tom and Jerry, mainly

BRIAN-K: And Spike

BRIAN-K: And I like the Maid. I like her voice

RUFUS ST. SWITHIN: The maid is a house-negro and would be spared under our regime

* Brian has left the chat


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