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RUFUS-S: I like the Thunderbirds uniforms, and their regimented efficiency

RUFUS-S: And the secret base, with rockets

RUFUS-S: But really it is the rankest liberal propaganda

RUFUS-S: Why should supermen like the Tracey family be expected to come to the rescue of every nincompoop who happens to drive his six-wheeled car over the edge of a suspension bridge?

RUFUS-S: It is sheer anti-darwinism, when you think about it


JULIEHOTLIPS: yeah lol if it was me id stay on the sunny island and chill

RUFUS-S: You would let them die?

JULIEHOTLIPS: yeah fuck em lol

RUFUS-S: It seems we are on the same wavelength, Julie

RUFUS-S: and then we have Stingray

RUFUS-S: again, one admires the secret base

RUFUS-S: But the superman Troy Tempest is shown to be romantically in thrall to a subhuman half-fish creature

RUFUS-S: It is sheer miscegenation

JULIEHOTLIPS: I dont know how they do it I mean she's a mermiad

JULIEHOTLIPS: how can they? lol

RUFUS-S: It would appear we are reading from the same page

RUFUS-S: How do you feel about fascism, Julie?


RUFUS-S: It is quite a simple question, Julie. Would you be prepared to throw a bomb to usher in a world where mermaids are segregated?

JULIEHOTLIPS: You're worrying me now lol

JULIEHOTLIPS: How did we get on to fascism?

RUFUS-S: We are always 'on to' fascism, Julie, it is the eternal topic that never goes away

RUFUS-S: I have a small group that meets every Thursday. I think you would fit in well.

JULIEHOTLIPS: Are you like the NF or something

RUFUS-S: Debased liberals and ill-bred oafs. This is classical fascism, for the discerning person

JULIEHOTLIPS: But you follow Hitler?

RUFUS-S: A socialistic parvenu. I will make a much better leader

RUFUS-S: Shall I see you there, then?

RUFUS-S: There is a free raffle after every gathering

*JULIEHOTLIPS has left the chatroom

RUFUS-S: Dash it

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