R. ST. SWITHIN: The wombles are essentially parasitic creatures

GRAHAM-72: I'd never thought of it like that

R. ST. SWITHIN: You should, Graham, you should

GRAHAM-72: Scrounging sods really

R. ST. SWITHIN: Yes, Graham! Exactly. They feed off the rest of us

R. ST. SWITHIN: Also, their noses are suspiciously large, it strikes me

GRAHAM-72: Yeah, now you come to mention it

R. ST. SWITHIN: And their theme song! Quite sinister, even taunting

R. ST. SWITHIN: 'People don't notice us, they never see'

R. ST. SWITHIN: This hidden cabal of thieves and manipulators unsuspected by all, pulling the strings in the shadows

R. ST. SWITHIN: And then, 'Wombles are organized, work as a team.' Of course they do. They look after their own

GRAHAM-72: Bastards

R. ST. SWITHIN: And breeding like vermin in their dank little hole. How overcrowded it is! It would be better if there were less of them, would it not?

GRAHAM-72: Too right

R. ST. SWITHIN: What would you do to the Wombles, Graham?

GRAHAM-72: I'd gas the fuckers, me

R. ST. SWITHIN: I beg your pardon?

GRAHAM-72: I'd gas them. Bomb them. Wipe them off the map

R. ST. SWITHIN: You would? You really would?

GRAHAM-72: God yeah. Annihilate them without mercy

R. ST. SWITHIN: Look here. This may seem like an unusual question, but...

R. ST. SWITHIN: How do you feel about fascism?

GRAHAM-72: It's the only way forward

R. ST. SWITHIN: Oh joy!

R. ST. SWITHIN: Oh joy of joys!

R. ST. SWITHIN: Listen to me, Graham. This could be the most important thing you ever hear in your life. We have a little group that meets on Thursdays to discuss this kind of matter

GRAHAM-72: I know

GRAHAM-72: I'm already a member

GRAHAM-72: You sent me here to make new recruits, remember?


R. ST. SWITHIN: Dash it

R. ST. SWITHIN: Right, split up, you take Magic Roundabout and I'll try the Double Deckers

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