CHERRY: Hey there! Is anyone around? Shit! Shit! Fuck! Fuck!
JEFF: Slut! Slut! Whore! Whore! Hi Cherry! Fucking WHORE. How's it going?
Stephanie: Hey Cherry! Long time long time. Great to see ya kid. Eat shit and die
TimD: Yo Cherry. Tits. Tits.
MikeK: Damn. Fart. Flange. Gruttocks. Hi Cherry.
CHERRY: Hi guys! Dildo. Dildo. I'm making progress I think
JEFF: Great it to hear it, Cherry. Harlot! Harlot! Slut
CHERRY: How are you all doing? Huge dangling horse's willy
Stephanie: Jeff's a bit down today. He just lost his job. Die Cherry die
CHERRY: Jeff, that is so unfair! Great big hairy swinging bollocks. You were a great marriage counsellor
JEFF: Thanks, you fucking diseased whore.
Stephanie: You'll get over it shitbreath
TimD: We're here for you pigfucker
MikeK: We love you, you wall-eyed gimp
JEFF: Thanks cocksuckers
OckerBruce: G'day mates! Strewth! Strewth! Strewth!
Stephanie: Hi Bruce! Die Bruce!
TimD: Bruce ol buddy! Drink piss
CHERRY: Good to see your cock, Bruce
MikeK: Hello Bruce. Gruttocks. Gruttocks. Gruttocks, I tell you, gruttocks!
OckerBruce: Hello everyone. Chutney-ferrets. Freckle-punchers. Strewth. Strewth.
Marcel: Bonjour mes amis! Merde! Cochon! Maquereau!
JEFF: Fuck. Fuck off Marcel. Fucking froggy fuckpig. Fuck you.
CHERRY: Er...Jeff? Penis. You didn't actually say anything then, you just swore.
JEFF: I know, I really don't like Marcel. You stupid cow
CHERRY: Dick. Dick. Did you mean to call me a stupid cow?
JEFF: You work it out, bitch
MikeK: Calm down everyone! Let's have a group gruttock
JEFF: You fuck off as well fucker
MikeK: I don't think I care for the tone of your gruttocks
CHERRY: Stiff spurting pricks. Thats it, I'm calling the moderator
MikeK: Please miss, it was Jeff. You frigging douchebag gruttock-sniffer
JEFF: Bite my schlong
**MODERATOR: I've warned you before, twathead. I'm disabling your ID
JEFF: I don't fucking care. I don't really have Tourette's. I just like a good swear
TimD: Me too, actually
Stephanie: Same here
CHERRY: Actually, I have a confession to make... Throbbing ten-inch dong
OckerBruce: Strewth!
Marcel: Sacre nom de Jerry Lewis!
MikeK: Well I'm for real. Yer granny's greasy gruttocks
**MODERATOR: Oh for fuck's sake
MikeK: Ahhh, you swore, I'm telling the ISP
**MODERATOR: Fuck off. This fucking forum is closed forever
Marcel: Merde!

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Posted May 2001