Your Questions Answered

'Behold! I am weary of my wisdom, like the bee that hath collected too much honey; I need hands reaching out for it.'

At my old site I used to have an 'Answers to Correspondents' column.

Questions Answered So Far:

How can I deal with my Scottish boss?
What is the Meaning of Death?
Why is there War?
Why did Donald Duck never wear pants?
Can a man's love for a dog go too far?
Singing in factories
What is the derivation of the word 'loo'?
Where does the phrase 'How's your father' come from?
Is there a cure for Oprah Winfrey?
Discipline in the workplace
More office etiquette
What is the point of the Mobius Strip?
What is the meaning of Moby Dick?
A what in a what?
Where is the lost island of Deriobar?
Penis Enlargement
Who would do such a thing?
What Theme Tune Would You Have?
Should Masturbation Be Taught In Schools?
What Happened To My Cat Wellington?
Why is Clint Eastwood Cool?

[More to follow maybe. Quite slow at getting round to answering these nowadays]