Boycott Boots

Reading the reviews I gather Nick Cohen's new book ('What's Left?') says that one of the reasons the left's gone completely insane is that all the good leftist ideas were adopted years ago, others have been adopted and haven't worked, and there's nothing sensible remaining for them to do. That's probably a slight mischaracterisation based on my speed-reading and stupidity but close enough.

Here's something the left can do:

End monopolies. Veto all mergers that concentrate retail outlets in fewer hands. Stop chain-stores blackmailing their suppliers dry

(Looks like I finally found out what 'synergy' means: two testicles gripped in one hand.)

Any time someone gets control of more than a certain percentage of the outlets for any market, break the buggers up. Split all the behemoths into eight different competing entities. Anyone who tries to do what Boots are trying, fine them, imprison them, put them in the stocks and pelt them with rotten fruit.

I used to like Boots. I felt about them similar to the way Holly Golightly felt about Tiffany's. A haven of opulence and niceness and lovely moisturising hand-creams. But to hell with them. My hands can chap from now on.

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Update July 08 -

Boots have now informed their suppliers that from now on they will only be paying invoices 75 days after the end of the month and will charge a 2.5% 'settlement fee' for the privilege of being paid.

The government really should make this kind of thing illegal. In the mean time, don't buy from these pigs if you can possibly avoid it.