Fun links

Schnecki the Snail
Help for Americans in the UK
Arafat Kazi
Girls Are Pretty
The Weekly
AOE News Archive
'Barry Windham'
Ace of Spades Sex Blog
Jim Florentine
Will Franken
Snub Log
Jeremiah's Diaries
The Mayfly
Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary

Save the World Links

EU Referendum Movement
Joe Jackson
Steve McIntyre
'Religion not Science'
'All in a Good Cause'
Hilarious Really
Geoff Chambers
The Chap
Campaign Against PC
'Confessions of Madness'
Free Tibet

Art and Lit Links

Art of Europe com
Fiction Circus
NY Review of Books Archive
(especially don't miss this one)
Project Gutenberg
Representative Poetry Online
MOA Books
Michael Haldane's Translations
John Phoenix, Pioneer Humorist
Enoch Soames, Decadent Poet
Reviews of This Book
Fine Art Prints on Demand
Jonathon Coudrille
Olga's Gallery
Bert's Fine Art Galleries
Jin Wicked's Art Galleries
Master and Margarita Art
Joe Frank Archive
Eddie Campbell
Unlikely Stories
Bronwyn C
Review of Contemporary Fiction
AD Jameson
Eye Rocket
Stories From Space
Lost Causes
Chomu Press
Lawrence Miles
Movietone News
Richard Herley
Clapham Ambulance
Junior Ministers
Idle Musings
Dark Side of the Moon
Letters to a Wild Boar
Big Roj
Lawrence and Gibson
Casparian Memories
The Ear Hustler
Clive James
Libertas Film
Burger Force
Delicious Tacos
Lapsus Lima
Figures of Speech
Zero HP Lovecraft
Sol Invictus

Miscellaneous Cool People With The Good Taste To Link To Me

Bob and Pete
Amateur Scribe
Calmer Than You Are

Grumps, Humorists, Diarists, Opinionists, etc.

Harry Hutton
Tertium Quid
Mermaid of Moorgate
Meticulous Vandalism
Melanie Phillips
Christopher Hitchens
Peter Hitchens
Venerable Beads
Dan Atkinson
Will Franken
Ace of Spades HQ
Theodore Dalrymple
Rod Liddle
According to Hoyt
Lion and Unicorn

Gay Cats

Paddy Ebeneezer

George And Lynne Hijackings

Funny George and Lynne Hacks
George and Lynne: the SD6 Years, or something

Old-Fashioned Eclectic Personal Homepages (I Miss Them)

More HermAphrodite
Life, The Universe
Cities, Plains and People
Pete's Home Page
Ian's Home Page
CD Stewart
Dragonqueen's Lair
Clarkey's Home Page
Jo Edkins' Webpages
Air Structures
Sutton Elms
Thoughts Worth Thinking
Bill McClain's Home Page
CJ Romer
Ben Malisow

Entertaining Things For When You Have A Lot Of Time To Kill

Holmes Bestiary
Inferno Archives (brilliant steampunk rpg)
Fray Presidential Campaign (v.long, v.obscene, v.funny)
The Man Who Hates Fun
Lovelace and Babbage
Excellent Tom Baker Interview
Just A Minute Transcripts
Red Letter Media
The Gig Economy
God-Shaped Hole

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