Robert Whatley Arrest Video

Schoolgirl held in police cells for 3 1/2 hours for suspected racism

British police take names of Charle Hebdo buyers

Fiona Pilkington

Shopkeeper threatened with arrest for shaming thief

Police refuse to recover stolen van from traveller site

Petrol theft 'not a crime' say police


Man who dropped a ten pound note is fined 50 for littering

Police Shoot 'Aggressive' Cow

Police Arrest Dangerous One Man And His Dog Presenter

And people who make jokes on the internet

Police only attend burglaries at even-numbered houses

Coming soon, will only investigate murders when there's an R in the month

Murderers on the run won't be named due to right to privacy


Police interrogate 15-year-old for looking at UKIP website

Police prevent man from driving sick wife to hospital, threaten him with murder charge

Police fine stranded hillwalkers for walking on hills

Shana Grice, whom the police fined for five times trying to report the stalker who later killed her

And blah blah blah blah blah