Ramsey Cambridgeshire, 1920-1992

British Actor


The Hun Smashers (1947)
Take That, Fritz (1948)
The Hungry Ocean (a.k.a. The Waves Our Graves) (1949)
Ten Thousand Dunes To Cairo (1950)
East of Aden (1950)
They Call Him Bwana (1951)
The Wimbledon Centre Court Mystery (1953)
Digby of the Yard (1954)
Digby Sorts It Out (1955)
Digby Pulls It Off (1955)
Digby's Shady Lady (1956)
Viva Digby! (a.k.a. Digby and the Dagoes) (1957)
Digby Meets The Martians (a.k.a. They Came To Camberwell) (1958)
The Jazz Club Mystery (a.k.a. Digby Digs The Hepcats) (1959)
Beach Party Digby (1966)
Swing, Baby, Swing! (1968)
Ooh Missus, My Trousers Have Fallen Down (1971)