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It seems like a good time to re-post this:

Extreme Opera (content caution)


Will whoever has set up a Tw*tter account for Ulrich Haarburste kindly please delete it? I am sure you meant well but self-promotion is not his style, and it has led to him being shunned in Dusseldorf for getting above himself. At a civic reception he attended the Mayor was heard to mutter, 'Here he is now, Mr Megaphone. Perhaps next he will wear platform shoes or a striped tie to draw even more attention to himself.'

Ulrich is very upset by this and if you do not rectify matters quickly is prepared to launch a civil suit for impersonation, defamation, and the infliction of sweaty palms. And I will cut your limbs off and seal your stumpy torso inside a box of bees.


It starts to look as though my new book should be coming out very soon, unless God shits on me yet again. Actually I won't be blasphemous. In this case it is more likely the devil thwarting me, as this book may well redeem the whole world single-handed, like Jesus


I have a new (brand new, as of 2015) torrid and heart-breaking romantic epic published at Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary, your one-stop shop for bosom-heaving, loin-surging and rib-tickling:

Spring Romance


Ooh ooh, quick quick, another Fanciful Fiction story.

This one is by Ulrich Haarburste's protegee Frau Schneemann.


The shock of the new! I have a story up at Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary, home of all that throbs and palpitates. I strongly urge you to read the rest of this most excellent but torrid site.

(In fact you should probably go to their home page first so you get the idea with mine. In a nutshell they do spoof romances - 'Like Barbara Cartland on acid' is one way I've heard them described.)


Due to temporary financial embarrassment I am currently available for hire to do almost anything

Love letters, satirical odes against your enemies, death-threats, megalomaniac ultimatums, homework

Prayers, porn, poetry, pamphlets, post-it notes

Will ghostwrite lavatory graffiti for food


Ulrich Haarburste's book

My other book

As always, check back for news of my new one.

(Probably self-publishing it in the New Year)


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